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1. All the BitClout code is now open source!
Many skeptics thought this would never happen but we are still in early days and this is a big step towards irrevocable social media freedom. This will enable the BitClout infrastructure to evolve more rapidly and creatively with broader developer community contributions.

In the words of @diamondhands we can "take BitClout to the next level together".

Let's Go Deeper

Let's go through each post in this monumental thread by @diamondhands 

Main/first post in the thread:

Technology Adoption Curve

This refers to ALL of the BitClout code being open source now. Let’s clarify some definitions:

Decentralization – The process of increasing the dispersion (widening the distribution) of powers and functions away from a central authority.

Open Source –
Made freely available.

The first part, decentralization, is important because it helps to “democratize” social media. For those who are not fond of that term another way to think of it is that more people can influence the trajectory or future of BitClout rather than a select few.

The second part, open source, enables contributions from the developer community that will enable the project to advance more rapidly and become more resilient. It also will unlock new use cases, some of which the core BitClout team had not even thought of.

This just clarifies that nothing is being held back. It means that ~7,824,742,425 people have access to the code if they can access the internet ( I know many still can’t access the internet and that is a Global issue hopefully some creative Clouters are game to solve). But most do not need to access the code but what is important is now they *can*.

This speaks to the purpose of having a decentralized BitClout is to give power to all the people of BitClout and not concentrate among a few like the previous social media you used to use. Also that open source and decentralization go hand and hand. While it is possible to have a dominant centralized platform that emerges on top of open source code, in order to have a chance at true decentralization the code must be open source and now this requirement has been met!

Again, "the entire world"(~7,824,742,425 people ) and new use cases will emerge that many were not expecting. Secondly, there is the notion that social media should be open as a fundamental right. 

This has been a lingering question (similar to the pyramid scheme concern which I address in this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/SanJoseNHL/status/1394098817457291265

Daily user growth chart

This is one of my favorite posts in the thread because I think it is important to acknowledge that we are very early in the journey and calling all developers to help us build the future. Everyone has a role – devs, designers, creators, marketers, consumers… if you are struggling to find your role please reach out. 

The key phrase here is “take BitClout to the next level together”. Yes TOGETHER. This is why BitClout is different.

Daily user growth chart

This is to reiterate that the BitClout blockchain data is public. In the past, for example with Twitter, developers were excited about the API and built really interesting products on top of the data, invested a lot of time and money, and then were cutoff. That not only will not happen, it CANNOT happen with BitClout.

Daily user growth chart

I won’t discuss these two posts – if you are a dev you know what to do with these and everyone else can read the documentation to understand more deeply but the code repositories likely won’t be interesting (unless you find a creative way to enhance the experience).

Daily user growth chart

Bug bounties are great ways to incentivize developers to find bugs. Most important to understand about this bounty is that it provides stronger incentives to top priority bugs (ones having to do with the security of user accounts). There are 4 priority tiers and the payouts are as follows: [Critical, $75,000], [High, $35,000], [Medium, $10,000], [Low, $1,000]. Both ‘Critical’ and ‘High’ relate to monetary compromises or wide breadth of impact.

Daily user growth chart

I already covered this vision doc in an earlier edition of Clout Trends here: https://clouttrends.net/the-rise-of-otc-002 

Daily user growth chart

This will be really great and help keep BitClout running smoothly. It was also provide some insights into the requirements for mining. @tijn already discussing the rewards function:

Daily user growth chart

I know this has been a lot to digest but the most important takeaway is the irrevocable freedom that this provides. Most don’t need to act differently but should expect changes to continue as we continue on this beautiful journey.

That’s it folks.

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